• Logo = Brand

    Remember, when you start your company and decide you need a logo that it is the most important first step you will take when establishing your brand! Be it a typographic treatment or an icon of some kind, think long and hard on how that logo will relate to your business and what you produce. …

  • Packaging

    3C has been proud to partner with Continuum Games over the years to develop their game lines. We have done everything from coming up with logos, package design, point of sale/point of purchase displays, mock ups of game components and packages and so much more!

  • Branding to Trade Show

    3C developed the Trump This Word brand identity from the ground up, developing the logo and then applying it consistantly across all phases of branding: product design of game components, collateral, trade show booth design, and protoype product and package mock ups.

  • Mock Ups

    Just because your package hasn’t gone to press yet doesn’t mean you have to meet your buyer empty handed or go to your trade show with an empty table or shelf! See what we can build with a little hot glue, form core and double stick tape – you will be amazed!

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